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Rekindling The Romance in the Top US Romantic Cities

While everyone may agree that Paris is one of the most romantic cities of all times, most people do not have the resources for a jaunt to Paris for a long weekend.  What they may be able to afford is a jaunt, flight or even a car trip to one of the romantic US cities close by.  Romance is different from couple to couple but most people should be able to find something to do, see and enjoy in the following cities.

Honolulu, Hawaii gets top votes as one of the US’s most romantic cities.  This capital city beckons couples to engage all of their senses with the scenery, dining, shopping, and sheer enjoyment of the water and sun.  This romantic paradise is a vacation that will be long remembered.

Another of the top vote getting romantic cities is on the opposite side of the country and is Charleston, South Carolina.  This historic colonial city which oozes with southern charm to woo couples to wander through it streets arm and arm, enjoying the restored charm of the south, wonderful foods and a delightful city.  Accommodations in the city range from unique bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels.

Back out west we find the fourth of our romantic cities in that of San Francisco.  From China Town, to Ghirardelli Square, to Fisherman’s Wharf, to the Golden Gate Park, there is so much to do and see, it is easy to find romance within this city.  Truly a place that has something for everyone.

The Big Easy or better known as New Orleans is also one of the most romantic cities.  Still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, it has not lost its lively spirit, beautiful sights and wonderful music.  It is easy to get swept away from the people, food, and fun that is found in this city.  San Antonio, Santa Fe, San Diego, New York, Las Vegas and Miami round out the top ten most romantic cities.  They each have something unique and wonderful to offer to the couple that is looking to reconnect and rekindle the romance in their relationship.  The only thing these cities are missing is you.

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