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Finding The Most Romantic Places in the World

It could be said that the most romantic places in the world are any spots the two of you are together. However, there are just some spots that are so spectacular that romance seems to flow from every cobblestone and grain of sand around it. So, if being romantic at home is fun to the two of you, imagine the kind of romance that can be found in an out of the way place like Bruges, Belgium. What? You say you’ve never heard of it? Well, think Venice, without the crowds. From the Gothic churches to the romantic mansions dating back to the 1600s, the canals and flower markets are sure to capture your heart and fill the two of you with romance.

While it may be located here in the good old USA, it doesn’t keep Big Sur from being on our list of most romantic places in the world. With its Post Ranch Inn and the luxury it offers to the love birds, you can leave modern interruptions behind and focus on the only the two of you. Deep seated Indian slated bathtubs, decks that suspend over the cliffs providing you with breath-taking views and secluded glass walled room that gives every moment you’re together a perfect backdrop, all combine to provide the perfect romantic spot.

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