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Finding the Most Romantic Places In the United States In Spots You Wouldn’t Think Of Normally

Some of the most romantic places in the United States are right under our noses and should be explored with our loved ones over and over again. The first stop on your journey should be spring in Savannah, GA. Rich with history, glorious parks and delicious foods, the two of you can enjoy a carriage ride through the city, a riverboat ride down the river or a stroll down River Street as you take in the sights and sounds of Georgia’s oldest city. Book a night or two in one of the cities historic bed and breakfast inns and re-discover the magic between the two of you.

Another less often thought of romantic spot that the two of you may want to try out is San Antonio, TX. While it may not spring to mind as one of the most romantic cities, indeed it has a charm and romance all of its own. Instead of spending all those extra dollars on a trip to Mexico, instead take in Texas’ largest tourist town. Wander through Market Square, picking up authentic Mexican goods and fine original artwork as a memory of a special romantic getaway the two of you took together. Sway to the music of the mariachis and find the love springing forth.

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