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Big Cities Can Also House Some of the Most Romantic Places In America

One doesn’t have to fly to Venice to experience romance. Instead, one can find the most romantic places in America in some of the most unusual cities in our fine country. For example, you may have enjoyed Las Vegas for its card tables and bright lights, but if you have the idea of romance in the mind, check out the Venetian Hotel for a bit of together time with a romantic feel. You’ll still have the water, the gondolas and the extravagant architecture, just no huge airfare bill and you don’t need a passport.

Another well-known city you might not equate with romance is San Francisco. But, there’s more to this hilly metropolitan area than the rock Alcatraz. Indeed, when you travel to this fog-famous city, make sure to check out the Sunset Bay Cruise that’s available to show you the sights of the city from a slightly different angle. You’ll catch the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset and get a dusk set view of the city that you rarely get to see otherwise. The food is exquisite in the city, so why travel to Beijing for quality Chinese food when San Fran has it all waiting for you and your loved one to discover.

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