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Looking for the Most Romantic Places? Then try the Big Apple!

Couples the world over are always looking to find a place that will either rekindle lost romance or be fitting to the level of romance that already exists in the relationship. Fortunately, this world is full of so much beauty and awe inspiring scenery that is is fairly easy to find a place virtually anywhere to fit the bill. However, there are a few places that are common and well known and that will not disappoint. One of the most romantic places you will ever find is to see the great City of New York in a new and unexpected way.

Seeing the City of New York from ground level is certainly something everyone should see at least once in their lives. If you have the opportunity, you should certainly take advantage of it. In addition, there are several different rooftop vistas of the city that should be a must to take in as well. However, these roof top observation points, while spectacular, might not be considered one of the most romantic places you can visit.

The exception to that rule is Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden on top of the Metropolitan Museum. This scenic and beautiful garden is rife with wisteria and yew trees and offers a a perspective of this concrete jungle that simply can’t be duplicated. With wondrous view of Central Park and the neighboring skyline, the Big Apple has never looked so beautiful; and with a bar that serves drinks and sandwiches, it may not be a roof top restaurant with a cozy table for two, but in the arena of the most romantic places, this one certainly ranks very high.

Finding the most romantic places on earth can take you to the far reaches of the planet, but often times, you don’t have to go to such links to find that beautiful or romantic view. Sometimes the least likely or the most common places will tend to do just fine. In this case, you can find something you hadn’t quite expected. Yes, New York is a place of entertainment, culture and of course a focal point of business, but all of that withstanding, New York can be one of the most romantic places you will ever find.

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