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Top Romantic Cities

Whether you are going on your honeymoon or just simply going on a romantic vacation, finding that perfect romantic city may feel very overwhelming as there are really some great romantic cities to explore. If you plan on staying in the United States there are a few great choices. San Francisco is known as a romantic city for lovey dovey couples. It has great scenery which sets the tone for a perfect romantic ride. Another hot spot is Boston. The city of Boston has a great setting combination of both traditional as well as contemporary. This city offers lots of history which sets a perfect romantic mood.

Now if you plan on taking your trip to Europe then you will definitely have many options when it comes to romantic cities. Venice, which is known as the floating city of the world. Venice is full of beautiful lush greenery as well as beautiful water landscapes which create the perfect romantic environment. Vienna is also another city that tops the charts of romantic cities. Vienna offers magnificent scenery as well as many romantic resorts. Monte Carlo is also another city that makes for a great romantic get away. Their beaches alone will fill anyone with romance within seconds.

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