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Fun Places To Play For All Ages

Going on vacation is all about having fun, taking time out to play in the sun, in the snow or simply with your family, regardless of the place. If you’re looking for play places in the USA for your family to go on vacation to, you need to check out some of the following.

Swimming is fun and so are water parks, but what about in the winter when it’s gray and gloomy outside. Should you throw away any thoughts of water fun? Oh contraire! Around the US these days are a series of indoor water parks that are more fun than one should be allowed to have on a cold, damp day. One of the several chains in the marketplace is Great Wolf Lodge with homes in Grapevine, TX, Williamsburg, VA and several other cities. There, the kids can splash, slide and swirl themselves about before settling into a warm room provided in the attached lodge. And oh yes, the adults can too.

If you happen to be in southern California, you may want to take a break from celebrity watching and check out the indoor skydiving wind tunnel called iFly. For ages 3 and up, anyone can experience skydiving from the safety of only a few feet off the ground. For something different, this place to play can’t be beat.

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