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Fun Houses To View On Your Travels

When traveling, one of the more unusual past times is looking for interesting homes that line the streets. For example, as one travels through The Big Easy, you immediately notice the fun houses in the French quarter with their balconies and brightly colored paint jobs. Traveling through the south, you’ll also find wonderful examples of antebellum architecture and design you just don’t see in homes today. If you’re into that sort of thing, Natchez, MS is the place for you as the homes there are some of the finest examples of this bygone era.

The south is not the only area home to opulent and unusual homes. San Francisco, CA is famous fir its famed “Painted Ladies.” This term is used for fun houses in the Edwardian or Victorian eras that were painted in three or more colors to emphasize the various details of architecture, including bright reds, blues, yellows and pinks.  You may remember them from the opening credits of the television show, Full House, these houses are a must see in person if you happen to be visiting San Francisco. You’ll also find these same types of houses in cities such as Cincinnati, Saint Louis, New Orleans and Baltimore City, MD.

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