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Fun Countries in Europe

If you’re searching for someplace exciting and fun to travel to this year, make travel in Europe one of your first thoughts. Fun countries in Europe to travel in include France and Italy. They offer so many activities for the traveller, old, young or somewhere in between. Starting in France, make your first stop in Paris. Everyone should travel to the brightly lit city of lights at least once in their life. There’s museums to visit (Think the Mona Lisa.) and giant castles to explore (Think Marie Antoinette’s Palace of Versailles). There’s shopping galore and a lovely river Seine that hosts evening cruises. And think, that’s just in Paris. In the south of France, you’ll have another host of fun activities to enjoy.

Traveling south to the boot country, you’ll find Italy. Again rich in history, the museums, churches and architecture are sure to have you naming it one of the most fun countries in the the world. But if you’re tired of the cultural arts, fear not. That’s not all the country has to offer. Fun in the surf can be found along the Amalfi Coast with the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean coast and the beautiful mountain backdrop.

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