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Fun Cities In The Virginia Area

While we’d all love to travel all over the world on our vacations, sometimes, finances dictate we stay closer to home. If you’re living in the mid-Atlantic states, you may want to consider some of the fun cities in and around your area. For example, when was the last time you went to Williamsburg, VA? This historic city has grown, expanded and still enthralls visitors of all ages with its accurate depictions of life in a Colonial period town. Close by, you’ll also find fun and excitement as you enjoy the thrill rides of Busch Gardens. A fun week can be had visiting both of these places and checking out some of the wonderful bed and breakfast inns in the area.

If you’ve never taken your children on a tour of Washington, DC, it’s time you did. Every child should experience the wonder that is our national capital. Let them climb the stairs of the Washington Monument (that’ll wear them out!) and take a picture with them and Lincoln sitting in his big chair. Find family and friends names who gave all for their country on the Vietnam Wall and share the amazing exhibits at The Smithsonian Museums. Washington should be on everyone’s must do list at some point.

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