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Fun Activities Places In Georgia

While most people think of Georgia as a state to travel through on their way to Florida, it’s also a destination and and of its self. There are a plethora of fun activities places in GA that you should consider the next time you’re passing through the Peach State. One fun place for the entire family can be found at Stone Mountain Park. Located about 16 miles east of Atlanta, this confederate theme park is centered around the largest piece of exposed granite in the world. Fun activities to enjoy at the park include a tour of the antebellum mansion, a train ride around base of the mountain, a hike up the mountain (or the Sky Lift for those who prefer to walk) and all the fun children’s activities at CrossRoads. Stay late and enjoy a picnic dinner on the lawn while watching the laser show bounce off the mountain.

Another often passed by part of Georgia is Valdosta, GA. Most people think of it as the last stop for cheap gas before they hit Florida, but a fun time can be had in Valdosta when you stop in at Wild Adventures Theme Park. No, there’s no giant mouse to greet you as there is in Orlando, but for a lot less money, you can enjoy thrilling roller coasters and water rides for the entire family.

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