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Finding Funny Places In The USA to Visit

If your sense of humor is guiding your choice of vacation spots this year, you may want to consider these funny places in the USA, based on their names. If travel out west is on your agenda, make sure you drop in on Grasshopper Junction, AZ. Located in Mohave County, you can see one of the lone surviving mining camps left in the US and grab a bite to eat at Grasshopper Junction restaurant. Another small town you just might miss as you’re traveling through it is Last Chance, CO. Today, it might be called a ghost town as its one of the casualties of the interstate system. Back in the day (the 1950s) it was a bustling little spot where you could grab gas and food when coming out of Denver.

While you may never had a chance to see Scott’s bottom in real life, you have a second chance as you’re driving through Wyoming. The area known as Scott’s Bottom is known for its park on the Green River. There, you can go archery shooting, ATV riding and fishing in the river. Finally, if you’re missing your grandfather in the worst way, you may try channeling him in Paw Paw, WV. This town, home to the Paw Paw Tunnel also hosts the West Virginia Open Disc Golf Championship every year, so plan your travel accordingly.

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