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A Romantic Stay in Rome, Italy

One of the most romantic getaway countries is Italy, a doorway to the ancient Roman Civilization and home to a warm people with culture, architecture, cuisine, and charming destinations that can take you back in time. In Italy, you could spend your entire vacation just in Rome. Here, you’ll find ancient sites like the Colosseum, the catacombs, and the baths. See the enormous Vatican, and see Michelangelo’s famous work on the ceiling at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. Another famous site, where you can sit down with a bite to eat and people watch, is the site of the famous Spanish Steps.

At night in Rome, visit the huge Trevi fountain, and enjoy the sculptured backdrop as you watch the lights sparkling on the water. Turn your back to the fountain and toss a coin in, throwing with your right arm over your left shoulder; tradition says this will bring you back to Rome one day. Then, walk down cobblestone streets to a romantic dinner in a candlelit restaurant. Walk along the Ponte Milvio Bridge in the northern part of the city, along with the other romantic couples. It’s a tradition to bring or buy a little padlock there to hang near the bridge, as a symbol of your love.

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