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A Romantic Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

Some of the top 10 most romantic vacations include destinations near you, such as bed and breakfasts within a day’s drive. For those on a smaller budget or perhaps less time, you can find a whole new world to visit quite close to home and enjoy a romantic getaway. Each bed and breakfast has its own way of life and quite varied accommodations. It will be more like being guests in a private home versus the experience of staying in a large hotel, so it’s much more personable. Each room is unique, and often the rooms have themes.

Most bed and breakfasts have their own websites which feature photos of each suite, and a list of the amenities in each, so that you can choose decor and features that are to your tastes. Some rooms have spa tubs and fireplaces, and small kitchens if you want to do a little local shopping and prepare your own meals. A bed and breakfast is run by a small staff, and you can get a feel from their website as to how they schedule meals, laundry, and other services. It’s advisable to check for feedback about the establishment from a third-party travel resource. That way, you can get unbiased information as to cleanliness, things to do locally, and other concerns.

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