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Finding Your Perfect Romantic Getaway Places

Keeping the romance alive is an essential element to a marriage.  It is not only important to the couple but also to the children involved.  Children that are raised in a household in which a couple practices and demonstrates what a romantic marriage should look like are more apt to pursue relationships that mirror those of their parents.  Keeping romance alive reduces the stress in the family and allows the relationship to be more productive.  One of the ways to keep romance alive is to create a list of romantic getaway places that you will both enjoy and every so often choose a location off of the list for an adult only vacation.

When you are creating your list of romantic getaway places you should list places that are both near and far.  Your romantic getaway may just be a weekend jaunt to a local hotel and spa or it may be a week’s vacations in some exotic destination.  Wherever it is, all you need is an agreement that it offers something that you both will enjoy doing together.

Some of the more popular romantic getaway places are the Caribbean, specifically the island of St. Lucia, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.  Whether you choose to fly or set sail on one of the many cruises that frequent this area, you will be delighted with all that you find here.  All three of the locations boast beautiful beaches and a host of water activities that you can engage in by day, or many not so active activities you can lounge around as well.  A beach destination does not have to be as far as the Caribbean.  The United States is mostly surrounded by water and most of the coastline boasts abundant beaches.

If you are not a beach person and do not want to add the beaches to your list of romantic getaway places, choose cities that you want to explore.  Do your research, fly or drive in and set off on an adventure.  The most important thing is spending the time reconnecting with the one you love.  Do you love sports?  Choose a city with a major team and take in a game.  It is not as expensive as you think.  The most important thing to remember is that finding your perfect romantic getaway places is not a destination it is a state of mind.

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