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Romantic Getaways East Coast for Wedding Gift

Celebrating a 50 year anniversary is great time for the couple and family members. Many children like to throw their parents an anniversary party and send them on a romantic vacation. A great way to help couples celebrate is by sending them on romantic getaways east coast vacation. Most children want to spend a lot of money and send their parents on the best vacations. It is possible to send your parents on a romantic getaway without breaking the bank. If you have parents who enjoy traveling and sightseeing, then your parents will enjoy traveling to the east coast.

For people who are laid back and want to relax will enjoy the bed and breakfast inns of Connecticut. Bed and Breakfast inns are really romantic and more affordable when compared to hotels. You will have the opportunity enjoy historic streets, the beach, small towns and quiet restaurants. Enjoy shopping at the specialty shops as well. There are great small towns along the Connecticut for laid back vacations.  The Connecticut shore is very close to New York and you can take the ferry to Long Island. These vacation spots are great for a romantic getaway and for a couple celebrating a wedding anniversary.

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