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All Inclusive Romantic Getaways for Couples

Many people plan all inclusive romantic getaways without researching about the different islands. Good features of romantic getaways are various tourist attractions, unique culture and natural landscape. Also, all-inclusive resorts are very attractive to travelers because of the extra perks. If you are planning a trip for a special occasion like a wedding anniversary, then you want to choose a resort that caters to couples. Travelers have the option of going on a cruise or flying to a resort.

Antigua’s Cocobay resort is one of the best all inclusive romantic getaways for couples. The resort is affordable and has 49 private cottages. They come with a hammock and private balcony. Guests have the option of selecting a seafront cottage with private entrance to the plunge pool. Cocobay has a restaurant onsite which serves a buffet style lunch and breakfast. There are two buffet dinners served two times a week and guests have the option of an a la carte dinner for the rest of the days. There are plenty of activities to accommodate most people such as kayaking, snorkeling and sailing. If you enjoy being cater to and relaxation, then you will enjoy hanging out at the Wellness Cottage which provides beauty treatments and massage therapy.

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