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Affordable Romantic Getaways

There are great and affordable romantic getaways in the United States. Some people think the only affordable and romantic vacations involve a cruise ship or island. There are a lot of romantic places to visit in the United States. The east coast is a popular spot for tourists and places like the Jersey Shore, New York, Philadelphia and Stamford. These places are not considered very cheap places to visit but very affordable with great planning.

Other affordable romantic getaways are the Poconos which is located in northern Pennsylvania. The Poconos is a very romantic and affordable mountain vacation for couples. This is one of the most affordable mountain vacations for the East Coast and other countries. Most people will not even think about visiting the Poconos because of thinking the vacation is too expensive. There are rooms in the Poconos for around $50 a night. Another option is visiting the location with a group of people. It is possible to rent a house in the Poconos and each couple pay $50 a night. Also, there are plenty of activities for entertainment such as hiking, wineries, skiing, restaurants and boating. Some resorts even offer romantic theme packages which include Jacuzzis, suites, entertainment, food and special plush beds.

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