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Just Being Romantic at the Great Kauai Beach

Looking for a great place to spend your romantic date? Well, you can try Kauai Beach, but wait isn’t a beach to plain and boring? Well, let me stop you there! This great beach is not only a beach it has many great places to visit too! Furthermore there are a lot of sites near this beach. Let us check it out.


One of the best spots to snorkel on Kauai is Tunnels Beach-both for the clear fish-filled water of the lagoon and the splendid views of the island’s signature peak, Mount Makana (aka Bali Hai), you’ll enjoy when you surface. It’s easiest to enter from the wide sand beach and snorkel the inner reef, but do keep an eye on the surf. In winter, when huge waves are breaking over the reef, there can be dangerous rip currents. If so, just enjoy the Bali Hai view.

Snorkeling off of Makana Beach with a view of Bali Hai

It’s hard to choose which view–underwater or up above–is better when you snorkel off of Tunnels Beach on Kauai.

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