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Romantic Places and Things You Can Do in Barcelona

The continent of Europe is undeniably one continent that has romance written all over it. A continent that has almost all of the most romantic cities and places that any romantic lover is looking for, naming a couple – France and Venice. As you can see, when you are looking for romance, Europe is the best stop you can go to.

One such place is Barcelona. Barcelona is a humble city in the heart of Spain. If you ever are looking for a romantic time in Barcelona, then let us help you enjoy it even more.

Romantic Places and Things You Can Do in Barcelona1. Wine Tasting in the Penedas Just south of Barcelona is the Spanish region of Penedes, home to the Spanish champagne, Cava. Spend the day enjoying one another company outside the city and relax with a glass of wine. Tours of the wine vineyards and Cava production are offered daily.

2. Helicopter ride over Barcelona

Spend the afternoon flying of the city of Barcelona and have an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the views of the city and see the city from a way you would never be able to. The company Cat Helicopters offers a ride over the beautiful city of Barcelona.

3. Torre dAlta Mar

Dine at this fabulous restaurant, which sits 75 meters above the Mediterranean Sea. You and your loved one will eat dinner and gaze into the unforgettable views of Barcelona and enjoy a delicious meal. This restaurant is located in the Port Vell area of the city. Be sure to make reservations because this restaurant is frequently booked.

Romantic Places and Things You Can Do in Barcelona4. Picnic in the Labyrinth Park

This park is Barcelona’s hidden gem! Located outside the typical tourist bubble of Barcelona is the cities oldest park, Labyrinth Park. By solely allowing admission to 750 people daily you are assured to have an intimate picnic.

5. Opera at the Liceo

Enjoy a romantic night with your loved one by watching an Opera in Barcelona’s most romantic building, the Liceo.

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