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Romantic Things to Do in San Diego

Planning to in San Diego with your partner and have a romantic vacation together? Well, I am pretty sure that we can help you on what you can do to make it even more memorable.

San Diego is one of the most romantic places in California. There are lots of romantic activities that one could do along with their lover one. Below mentioned are some of them that one should never miss while in San Diego.

There are plenty of beaches in San Diego but La Jolla Cove is one of the most popular one due to its picturesque location. The crystal clear waters, sandstone cliffs and the rich marine life in the shore waters make it a perfect place for the couples to take a stroll or relax. Variety of cruises are available that could make your day even special and more romantic. Photo By: PrettyKateMachine

Balboa Park is another place ideal for couples to spend time together away from the busy streets of San Diego. The park is one of the oldest and well-preserved recreational sites in the United States. There are various attractions to see within the park like museums, reflecting pool and theaters which would keep you busy. Photo By: jomilo75

Horse Drawn Carriage ride is a must for all tourists or couples seeking some romantic moments with each other. Horse Drawn carriages have always been part of those fairy tale love stories which we have grown up hearing. So you might not want to miss this one. Photo By: prayitno

Sunset Cliffs located just along the shore of the Pacific Ocean offers the perfect place to watch the beautiful sunset with your lover. The gorgeous view from the cliffs makes it a perfect place for a romantic evening. Sitting over the cliffs or a little stroll during sunset could really set up all that is needed for a romantic evening.

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