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Top Romantic Restaurants at Orlando

Orlando, Florida is surely a romantic place to be in. Of course, it would not be complete if you do not have a dinner date with your love one. So, here are the top restaurants that serve the best food while keeping the romantic mood.

You may not think of Orlando Florida as the home of romantic restaurants but this touristy town has some of the most romantic restaurants that you will ever experience. This article is dedicated to our top five. These are the places that locals go for a candle lit evening, where we book ahead for our anniversaries and where men hurry to hit speed dial to when they have messed up.

Top Romantic Restaurants at Orlando1) Christinis Ristorante Italiano – One of our absolute favorite romantic restaurants. Tucked away in a shopping plaza on Sand Lake Road, it was first made famous on the Johnny Carson show, when he made a joke about the size of the Veal Chop. Christinis has won just about every award possible including the AAA Five Diamond award, but that is not why we love it. This cozy restaurant has charm.

The lighting is low, an award winning musician plays in the background and the waiters and the owner, are absolutely charming. Each time your lady gets up to use the rest room, a waiter escorts her there. Mr. Christini, the owner, personally stops by to make sure your evening is going perfectly.

At the end of your meal, after you have both feasted on Chilean Sea Bass over a shrimp rissoto, finished your bottle of wine and tiramesu and are ready to take the rest of your romantic evening home, she is presented with a red rose. This is standard at this privately owned restaurant, that has attracted visitors from around the world.

2) Top Romantic Restaurants at OrlandoVictoria and Alberts – Located on Disney property, at the Grand Florida Resort, this high end restaurant, is wonderful if you have a few hours to spend on your meal. They recommend planning on two and a half to three hours for your meal, as it is a pre-fixe menu.

Harps play in the background and waiters serve you course after course. We love the coffee press at the end. This restaurant is all about taking your time. And just like, at Christinis, each lady gets a rose at the end of the night.

Top Romantic Restaurants at Orlando3) Paris Bistro – Although technically in Winter Park Florida, this charming little restaurant is worth searching for. Tucked into a courtyard off of Park Avenue, it is not the easiest to find but is definitely worth the effort.

Although we were not as impressed with the food, as we were with Christinis and Victoria and Alberts, this little bistro has such a cozy feel to it, that it is worth adding to your list of places to try. The seats are done in a rich burgandy and the courtyard that you walk through to get to it is quiet lovely. There is even a sulpture of a large tree right outside of the restaurant, that makes you feel as if you are outdoors instead of tucked away.

Although there are many other restaurants in Orlando, most of them are chain restaurants. These three are unique in that they are the only ones of their kind. The owners of Christinis and Paris Bistro personally oversee operations to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience each time. And Victoria and Alberts is one of the few Disney restaurants that has kept its quality consistantly. So if you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Orlando, definitely check these three out. You will be wonderfully surprised.

Of course, there are still many things to do and to visit in Orlando! Check this out.


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